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The mass media marketplace is undergoing a historic transformation. The traditional broadcasting model has shifted as we enter a new world of consumer control - where time-starved viewers are demanding news, sports and entertainment on their schedules via the Internet, mobile devices, DVR, and on-demand video. This new digital media arena is wide open and presents a vital opportunity for broadcast companies to maintain and grow their market share - and forge their digital brand.


Today's consumers want access to media anywhere, anytime, on any device. VVON distributes reliable audio and video content to a dispersed audience through IP, fiber, satellite, and terrestrials.We provide complete broadcast solutions to deliver content consistently to a wide range of audience.


Internet TV and mobile video give broadcasters the critical means for segmenting their audience and tracking consumer information - data coveted by advertisers. Further, they enable viewer interaction, open new marketing avenues and expand reach beyond conventional coverage areas, allowing unlimited audience growth.


Fast and Reliable Service

The classic definition of a CDN, or content delivery network, is an aggregation of servers dishing out live streams, on-demand content and other files to end users on behalf of various clients. In broadcasting, typical clients range from small radio and television stations to larger broadcast networks and media conglomerates.  


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Over the years, we've used our extensive broadcast experience to deliver tangible business results that enable our business partners to profit from the advanced uses of technology.


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Define the video experience with advanced headend and content delivery solutions

Preserve quality experiences with a video-aware distribution network

Realize rich-media experiences in the customer home