Broadcast Engineering

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The mass media marketplace is undergoing a historic transformation. The traditional broadcasting model has shifted as we enter a new world of consumer control - where time-starved viewers are demanding news, sports and entertainment on their schedules via the Internet, mobile devices, DVR, and on-demand video. This new digital media arena is wide open and presents a vital opportunity for broadcast companies to maintain and grow their market share - and forge their digital brand.

Today's consumers want access to media anywhere, anytime, on any device. VVON distributes reliable audio and video content to a dispersed audience through IP, fiber, satellite, and terrestrials.We provide complete broadcast solutions to deliver content consistently to a wide range of audience.

Internet TV and mobile video give broadcasters the critical means for segmenting their audience and tracking consumer information - data coveted by advertisers. Further, they enable viewer interaction, open new marketing avenues and expand reach beyond conventional coverage areas, allowing unlimited audience growth.

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